At any given moment of time, the people of Bhathiya Trading perform the work that enables disbursing of diversified printing and related solutions with high technicality, efficiency and reliability.

The company holds an enviable track record of holding the highest sales of printing machines in the country. Ground-breaking efforts in reconditioning and overhauling pre-owned printing equipment has pushed the company to the forefront of its field by setting the standard for excellence in the market and allowed the Sri Lankan printing industry to access high quality equipment at competitive prices. Moreover as Suppliers to the printing industry Bhathiya Trading chiefly supplies refurbished Heidelburg equipment and a diversified range of brand new and pre used ancillary equipments.

Apart from the machineries BTC is one of the leading suppliers of printing consumables such as PS and CTP plates, chemicals, inks, paper and board.

Standard and Policy Groups

Our central standard and policy groups act as centers of excellence. Their expertise is focused not only on ensuring compliance, but also on continuously improving our performance and developing innovative projects and programs for every aspect of our operations – manufacturing, pre-press, press, post press, consumables, industry machinery and spare parts. Our standard and policy groups focus their efforts on helping Bhathiya Trading teams achieve both excellence and industry leadership – with every Client and in every service.

Competence Management

Another key component to our manufacturing and service approach is our commitment to continuous professional development. We believe our employees and the technical team are our greatest asset and our competence management system is vital to developing leaders, employee retention, customer confidence, and industry leadership.

Performance Management

Our focus on performance in all areas of our operation rounds out our approach. We have an extensive performance management system in place to monitor operational key performance indicators and the achievement of management objectives.