At Bhathiya Trading we are committed to offering high end solutions integrated with timely communication and expertise service. Our success in our sector is driven by our pledge to Commitment to excel in the solutions we provide. The credo we follow to exhibit our commitment in all spheres of service excellent Customer Care coupled with Machinery Management, Knowledge Sharing and Growth Management.

We take our responsibilities seriously. At Bhathiya Trading, safety and environmental leadership are our highest priority. We are committed to the safeguarding of our people, Clients and cargoes, as well as protecting the environment, and we never compromise on this at any time.

Perhaps more than any other, value is what defines the Bhathiya Trading difference. Here, we define how we uphold – and continuously aim to exceed – the industry’s highest standards.

Customer Service

Every year, we deliver a substantial number of machinery installations and repairs etc – operations that involve highly specialized equipment and many crucial tasks.
How do we do it? The success of each transaction comes down to one simple idea: the drive for first-class service.

The effort of our people to deliver every day on this commitment is facilitated by a range of specialized customer service programs and systems. The intricate details of planning are managed dynamically in our voyage management system. Here, we integrate and access all key commercial, team and vessel related activities – utilization, scheduling, trading, fixing and post-fixture operations and related accounting functions. A key benefit of these features – Delays are minimized, enabling us to meet or exceed customer scheduling expectations.

Bhathiya Trading employees learn the competencies of first-class customer service in a training program known as Caring for Customers and Colleagues. Communication, courtesy and care for customers – skills that determine customer satisfaction are taught and mastered.

Our customer relationship management system, providing real time information, also enables staff to respond optimally to customer needs

Machinery Management

We primarily focus on supplying refurbished pre-owned Heidelberg machines and accessories for printers at an unmatched industry rate. Our success relies on the quality we deliver to printers, the maintenance of the machines and the credibility of value added services provided by us to the printers at large.

Within a short span of time Bhathiya Trading Company has grown from a company with a handful of employee to an enterprise with over a hundred employees and two fully equipped factories. Initially commencing as an importer of pre-owned printing equipment from England, we have now diversified into new and refurbished printing equipment from many reputed brands as well as providing a comprehensive inventory of printing consumables and pressroom materials.

Knowledge Sharing

Collectively, the people at Bhathiya Trading possess extensive years of operational experience. With this experience comes a vast pool of mission-critical knowledge that ultimately determines the Bhathiya Trading’s difference in our industry.

We encourage our People, empowering then to express actionable new ideas outside the regular organization structure, and our Knowledge Pools function as company-wide forums to discuss, incubate – and ultimately incorporate – new concepts, procedures and practices.

Employee surveys enable us to gauge, on a global basis, the response of our staff to all operational aspects and working conditions. Findings help us determine approaches that work best, as we strive to become the premier provider of services in our industry.

Growth Management

In a world where technological development is on its highest peak, printers and the industry at large are not left aside on this. Though Sri Lanka is slow in advancing on this technological part the investment made on purchase of new machinery is quite heavy, we appreciate initiatives taken by Sri Lankan printers on this aspect. Hence considering the higher value of investment made, it is vital for printers to train their technicians in-house on the proper maintenance and usage of these heavy machinery.

We as suppliers strive to provide the best of value added after sales services for printers in maintaining their purchased machinery but many times we have noticed that if the printer does not have properly trained technical staff the effort of their investment becomes a waste. Hence training and retaining of technical staff is vital for printers.

At Bhathiya Trading this is well supported through the deliverance of high quality service delivered considering this ardent need of Printers. We train our team of technicians in maintaining with global standards of deliverance. As key suppliers of new and refurbished Heildburg machines and many unique brands it is vital for our team to remain on the same level of standards. We seek to advice our clients on the type of machinery suitable for their individual requirements include differences on prices and output as best suiting their investment and budget as well.