To be Sri Lanka’s corporate inspiration in the printing industry in all spheres of business through exhibiting excellence in customer service and product quality.


Delivering superior customer value supported by industry experience and support Team led by expertise in printing management.


People – We believe that it is our people who make us the best. It is the Team of Bhathiya Trading who instigates the gearing of the company through utilizing their expertise combined with commitment. Hence we believe in individual development of team members which motivates our people to deliver the best at all times which contributes to the growth and betterment of Bhathiya Trading.

Communication – Timely communication between the Client and Team of Bhathiya Trading is the key element, the foundation of our success in our industry. Immediate response to queries, imparting of vital detailed information and presenting it with professionalism has kept us ashore as a pioneer in this sector.

Proactive – Innovation and technology growth in all sectors has led Clients to search for tailor made solutions to suit their defined needs. Hence at Bhathiya Trading we seek to build our services on this factor – proactive solutions.

Accountability – At Bhathiya Trading we are a Team of action. We strive to deliver what we promise. We accentuate on accountability of service and solutions we offer. Hence all Clients enjoy timely service from our experts.